Sunday Lunch at Lumley Castle

Enjoy a fabulous three course Sunday lunch in the wonderful surroundings of Lumley’s award winning Black Knight Restaurant for…

£19.95 per person
£12.50 per child (12yrs and under)

For bookings and enquires please book online via our booking panel, located to the side of this page or call +44 (0) 191 389 1111 or  contact us


Sunday Lunch
20th August 2017

Soup of the Day
Served with a Crispy Roll

Pulled Pork BBQ Bon Bon
with Sauerkraut & Herb Mayo

 Kipper Pate
with Lemon Butter Crostini & Apple Salad

 Cous Cous Salad (V)
with Roasted Butternut Squash, Lemon Olive Oil Dressing


Roast Beef
with Yorkshire Pudding, Seasonal Vegetables & Rich Roast Gravy

 Roast Lamb
with Yorkshire Pudding, Seasonal Vegetables & Rich Roast Gravy

 Roast Pork
with Yorkshire Pudding, Seasonal Vegetables & Rich Roast Gravy

 Teriyaki Salmon
with Egg Noodle Stir Fry & Prawn Crackers

 Root Vegetable Gratin (V)
with Cream Cheese & Onion Dressing


Dessert of the Day
Please ask

Black Cherry, Strawberry & Yoghurt Tart
Chantilly Cream & Strawberry Compote

 Mint Chocolate Mousse
With Chocolate Ice Cream

 Rice Pudding
Apricot Compote

  Selection of English Cheese
Served with Water Biscuits, Celery and Chutney


Tea or Coffee
with Confectionery


For an extra £3.00 we will serve you extra meat of your choice

or for £5.00, choose two extra meats of your choice.

 Add an Extra Yorkshire Pudding on your Roast for £1.00


Some of our menu items contain nuts, seeds and other allergens.  There is a small risk that tiny traces of these may be in any other dish or food served here.  We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies. Please speak to a member of staff who may be able to help you to make an alternative choice.

All reasonable steps and enquiries have been taken to ensure that the food products supplied to this establishment do not contain genetically modified products 

-  please ask should you require assistance.