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Since 1389 Lumley Castle has stood as a robust beacon of security and longevity. Across the centuries Lumley has witnessed transformative change; from the very roots of medieval society to the modern age in which we find ourselves today. From regional skirmishes to world wars, Lumley has seen more than most, acting not only as a solid foundation but also as a dynamic catalyst of forward-thinking development.

As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic  business opportunities will be different, the world will be different, and how you and I look to conduct and develop our businesses might also be different.

Launching in 2021, Business Works @Lumley sets out a business membership club aimed and bringing businesses together, facilitating business activities, and providing a venue that supports your company’s future vision.

We invite members to meet peers at a complimentary monthly lunch, benefit from discounted hospitality and accommodation and develop interconnected partnerships and collaborations that spark innovation and growth.

Business Works @LumleyCastle is free to join. If your business seeks to shape the future from the seat of history please contact or complete the form below

Membership Benefits

Free monthly network lunch featuring business speakers from across the North East region. Includes a gourmet tasting menu with accompanying wines.

50% off syndicate room-hire for meetings up to 20.

15% off corporate hospitality.

15% off luxury accommodation rising to 20%
(minimum guaranteed bookings required)

50% off Room Hire for conferences up to 100.

Two free bedrooms with breakfast for your event organisers when we organise your overnight conferences.

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