Meetings & Conference Quote Generator - Getting Together Begins Here

Event planning in an already fast flowing day could do with streamlining! Our online event configurator allows you to plan various scenarios that best suits what inspires your delegates/guests whilst making your event great value. 

When contacting us please ask about discounts associated with the Lumley Priority Club and Business Works @ Lumley

When you create an event scenario below you’ll receive an email of your scenario from which we then move forward to plan the key details. This configurator sets out a convenient ball park cost from which we can work with you to build in added refinement.

For more information please read our online Meeting & Events Brochure. For information on our calendar of scheduled events please visit our Events Listings.

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A 20% deposit is required to secure your event with the balance paid 1 week before the event.

Please read all terms and conditions on your event contract.

This form is not for use with exclusive (Whole Castle) bookings and events.