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      Come live like lords and ladies of a bygone age and enjoy an evening of fun, laughter, and merriment at our Elizabethan Banquets or Join us and see if you can solve this laugh-out-loud whodunnit at our brand-new Murder Mystery Dinners! Either way with an offering of a variety of events, there is something for everyone!

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      We think that planning the perfect wedding is something personal, intimate, special, and unique. Your wedding needs to be your moment in time and an event that will live long in the memories of you and your loved ones. We believe that in providing a unique planning service we can provide an incredibly unique, tailored, and successful wedding experience.

      Castle Wedding Garter Head Table

Every child has a future... Let's help shape it together

How Lumley Hotel supports Hope4Kidz

Lumley Castle supports Hope4Kidz by supporting numerous fund raising events throughout the year. We throw open our doors, waive room hire rates, contribute to event costs and provide event staffing.

Hope4Kidz is very dear to our hearts – what can be better than bringing a smile to a child where smiling might not have always been easy.

Delivering fun, freedom and hope is perhaps a catalyst we’ve intuitively enjoyed as children ourselves, without a second thought. Our commitment to Hope4Kidz delivers welcome relief,  memories that drive confidence, opportunity and hope for a better future.

Thank you.

We invite all guests who stay at Lumley Castle to donate £1 through their bill when checking out. It’s a small gesture but means so much to so many children who need hope. We’re incredibly grateful to our guests who support us support Hope4Kidz.

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