Your Bespoke Wedding Planner

Planning a successful, memorable wedding can be a challenging project with countless dynamics, challenges and details to sort through and confirm. But don’t worry we’re here with you every step of the way.

With Your Complete Wedding Planner we provide a platform that brings all of your plans, costs and details together in one place, whenever or wherever you are. We can update Your Complete Wedding Planner with all of the details you share, or we can collaborate together along the planning journey.

Your Complete Wedding Planner is also very flexible. Every time the planner is updated and saved, the latest plan is sent to you by email and we receive a copy too so we’re always on the same page working from the same information.

Your Wedding Planner Lumley Castle Hotel

Your Wedding Planner allows us to manage the details around…

Your Package Details
Additional Accessories
Ceremony Options
Wedding Breakfast Options
Guest List
Bespoke Details
Accommodation Requirements
Planning Notes/Photo Sharing
Cost Per Guest Planning

The Wedding Breakfast Selector provides an incredibly powerful menu selector which allows for.

Detail budget planning.
Allergen or Dietary requirements per guest.
Notes for the Chef
Kiddies Menu Selection
Your Wine Order.
Costs Per guest planning.

The Wedding Breakfast Selector can be updated on a live ongoing basis until you have all of the detail you require. Just select four of each course and adjust guest numbers as you go. When you have your final price per guest this is then entered into Your Wedding Planner. 

Our wedding co-ordinators can of course do all of this for you and work with you to create an incredible dining experience at Lumley Castle

Your Wedding Breakfast Selector Lumley Castle Hotel
Your Wedding Celebrations Lumley Castle Hotel

For wedding celebrations that include a buffet, this too can be fully planned in advance.

Our extensive bowl food menu provides a comprehensive selection of creative, imaginative dishes that allows for precision portion control to ensure your all of your guests are well fed.

The savoury table is accompanied by the dessert table and you can choose from over 40 different dishes to create the perfect menu for your big day.

Once you’ve created your menu price per guest simply add it to Your Complete Wedding Planner to ensure that you’ve balanced your budget with the quality you’re looking to share.