Thank you for making this little girl’s dreams come true

To the manager and staff of Lumley Castle,

I am writing to thank you for a wonderful stay my husband and I recently had the pleasure of experiencing in your fantastic castle. You see, you had a lot to live up to… When I was a little girl, my mother would tell me the story of how she and my dad enjoyed an Elizabethan feast in a magical castle. The castle was beautiful and mystical and sounded like a fairytale to me. She was almost full term expecting me, and so the stories would inevitably end with her saying, “So, you see, you have been to that magical castle in the trees, you just didn’t know it.” Oh, how I wanted to know it! Especially since I lost my dad when I was just three years old. Your beautiful establishment became a sort of fable in the history of my family tree, and nothing could dissuade me otherwise. Which all contributed to my high expectations in my consequent adulthood!

After kissing a couple of frogs, I eventually found my prince and fell deeply in love. We’ve been married for ten years now, and throughout that time, he has often suggested we save and treat ourselves to a stay in the enchanted castle from my childhood. Each time, life has got in the way and the trips simply didn’t materialise. For our tenth anniversary, however, we made a vow. We would finally stay in the castle of my dreams. And wow, it did not disappoint!

We were allocated a beautiful room (which I’m certain was an upgrade – thank you so much). The castle’s interiors and gardens were explored and duly photographed; I haven’t stopped looking at them! We enjoyed a delicious three-course meal as part of our package and the watercress veloute with cheese straw, followed by sublime corn fed chicken has been craved by me ever since! Gorgeous food, served by attentive staff with exquisite manners. I won’t ever forget it, thank you. Breakfast was just as delicious; in fact, my husband remarked that he never usually finishes a full English as they never match his standards, but he practically licked the plate! But it’s the staff who deserve the most praise and are a credit to your establishment. Everywhere we went – the library bar, reception, restaurant – everyone was amazing, and their charm has stayed with me throughout our anniversary weekend.

So, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making this little girl’s dreams come true. Knowing I walked in my dad’s and mam’s (now sadly no longer with us too) footsteps has made me feel almost humble, and warm to my very core. I had no idea you held so many events at Lumley Castle, and I certainly will be making up for lost time from now on!

Next stop….Elizabethan Banquet – from the outside! We look forward to joining you again later in the year.

Warmest wishes,

Julie Moody-Hunter